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Yug Chetna Purush, Shakti Parikshan, Maa, Panchjyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram,Bhagwati Manav Kalyan Sangthan

                                  “Test of Truth”  Necessary for Public Awakening
Call of Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj for Religious Preceptors’ Shivir in National Capital, Delhi

From his very childhood, Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj was
immersed in the adoration of Divine Mother, Durga. Later on, as a result of several
hard and most distinctive adorations, She appeared before his eyes. On Her com-
mand,  by making the society free from intoxication and meat-eating, he is establish-
ing the light of Her knowledge in the people at large. But, worshipful Guruwar is
very much concerned about the body of actions enjoined by the so-called ascetics,
hypocrites, licentious and imposter people clothed as holy man. All around such
types of people, adorning themselves with several names like tantric-mantric and
peethadhishwar, are disorientating innocent people and are engrossed in realizing
their selfish objective. In this way, on one hand people having faith in religion are
certainly being exploited and on the other, faith of the people in religion is being
reduced. As a result, they have become entangled in meat-eating and drinking of
 Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj believes that in order to  save
 the  society from hypocrites in the guise of holy man, there is only one way and that is
TEST OF TRUTH. He himself is ready to present himself to undergo this test. From
this, not only the nation or society, but the entire world will come to know who is the
religious  preceptor, that can show true way to the society. It will also make clear that
someone or another is the incarnation of this age (Yugapurush, ie. supreme being of
the era), so that rest of the saints, yogis and the society could do good to themselves
by treading the path in his guidance.In this connection, worshipful Guruwar Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj has made a call to all the religious  preceptors of the world that for testing the truth, a religious
conference must be organized in national capital, Delhi. In this conference, all the
tantric-mantrics, yogacharyas and religious preceptors, alongwith top political lead-
ers, intellectuals  and print & electronic media persons should be present. In the
present time, ‘Lie Detector’ is such a scientific instrument, which can easily detect
whether some person is telling a lie or speaking the truth.
In this meeting, all the so-called yogacharyas and religious preceptors will have
to tell that their Kundalini Shakti (Vital energies) is fully awakened, whenever they
wish, they can go into samadhi (get absorbed in medtitation) and through their subtle
body situated inside the gross body, they can wander anywhere at all. Further, they
will have to tell whether they clearly had darshan (obtained a sight) of their Ishta
(favoured deity) and can have darshan of and get direction from their Ishta at any
moment whensoever, by whose strength they have been transmitting spiritual con-
sciousness in the country, society and the world.
                 In his keynote address, Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj says that the aim of the said
meeting is not winning his own name or fame, but protecting country’s common
peoples’ heart,  society and the world from the said hypocrites. Otherwise, these
foolish licentious people will keep on tearing the humanity to shreds.
It is to be known that about Brahmarishi Dharmasamrat Yuga Chetana Purush
Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputraji Maharaj, who descended on earth as a very
significant link of the rishi-tradition, many different distinguished foretellers of the
future, like Nastredamas, Chierro, Dr. Juleburn, Prof. Harrar, Peter Harkaus, Ma-
hatma Tiswaranjan Brahmachari and Prof. Kirti Dharan etc. had clearly written in
their books 400-500 years earlier than today. In these books,  mention has been made
in detail about the place of his birth -- in which country, province, district & village
and in which caste he will take birth. What will be his childhood name, what will be
his spiritual capability and spiritual agenda, what will be the form and colour of hisbody and the conjunctures lying in his hands -- all these have been mentioned in  these books. Paramhans Yogiraj Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj confirmed  the truth of
these prophecies literally.

 Today on this earth, no holy man, ascetic, yogi or rishi has
the power to face his adorative capability. By means of his power of penance, he has
demonstrated amongst the society, thousands of impossible tasks being rendered
possible. Impressed by his  adorative capability, hundreds of holy men, ascetics and
yogis have lowered their head in deference at his feet.
 Having taken birth in an agriculturalist Brahman family of village Bhadawa in
district Fatehpur of Uttar Pradesh, Yuga Chetana Purush Shri Shaktiputra Ji Maharaj,
from his very childhood, firmly observed his adorative aspect by thought, word and
action. Today, he is the centre point of reverence and faith for crores of people. In his
adorative life, he has already accomplished in different regions and different seasons
8 yagyas out of a chain of 108 Mahashakti yagyas. As foretold by him, during each
of these yagyas, there had been rains. Thus, he had clearly given evidence of his
adorative capability long before. With the aim of accomplishing rest of the 100
Mahashakti yagyas at one place, he founded Panchajyoti Shaktiteerth Siddhashram
(Trust) on January 23,1997 in tehsil Beohari of district Shahdol (M.P.). It is going to
be the only prime spiritual centre and religious axle (Dharmadhuri) of the world. In
order to cause the flow of public awakening through Divine Mother’s consciousness
to reach the public at large, each and every particle of this Siddhashram is being
rendered percipient with Her energy by Shri Gurudevji Maharaj by means of his
adorative activities. Here, uninterrupted Shri Durga Chalisa recitation, in the form
of the only extraordinary rite in the world, has been going on incessantly since April
15, 1997 upto eternity. By means of his significant observance, crores of people
have taken benefit of the waves of Divine Mother Durga consciousness by kindling
Her light in their homes and by adding this observance of Shri Durga Chalisa in
their mode of life. Just like a striver or a devotee, they have planted the flag of Satya
Dharm (true religion) in the society.With the aim of welfare of the public at large, universal level Bhagawati Manav
Kalyan Sangathan has been structured by worshipful Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj. Lacs of
workers of this organization are protecting the ancient culture of the nation on exten-
sive level,  by eliminating devilishness overcasting the society, social evils, untouch-
ability and caste distinction and by protecting human religion, they are constantly
active in building a completely intoxication-free vegetarian society.
Firmly opposing dowry system, custom of killing  of animals in front of deities in
the name of sacrifice and killing of cow, the organization has begun a religious war
against corrupt and undesirable clowns of religion and politics in the society. It is
firmly resolved and prepared for achieving its aim through lacs of its workers carry-
ing its banner in the interest of innocent public, that has been victim of exploitation.
Desisting from superficial persuation and remaining fully conscious about its aims,
this very single example of Bhagawati Manav Kalyan Sangathan is enough to open
the eyes of the society that till today as a result of the blessings of worshipful
Sadgurudev Ji Maharaj, through the efforts of the organization, more than one crore
of pepole have firmly resolved to lead an intoxication-free vegetarian life. Alongwith
this, they are giving this very inspiration to the society continuously. As a result of 15
years of incessant journey, the sequence of change of the society’s course in the direc-
tion of the change of era, has been successful through the organization. This very
distinctive sequence will radically destroy and root out the forces set up by immoral-
ity, injustice and unrighteouness. It will ensure the endless journey of Satya Dharma
(true religion) and the whole world will become not a golden bird, but a Rajahans
(flamingo) possessed of consciousness.

 Brijpal Singh Chauhan (Guru Sewak)Central
Secretary-Bhagawati Manav Kalayan Sangathan
P.O. Mau, Teh, Beohari, Dist-Shahdol(M.P.) - 484774
Phone : 07650-200666 , 280503, 9893885656 , 9981657948, 9981005001